Currently on pause...

We put Canvas168 on pause for a while, because of other projects that are a priority right now. We still love the idea and are looking forward to bringing it back at some point in the future!! We'll keep you posted..

HEY, WE NEED YOU!! is literally a placeholder for great work. For exactly one week, 168 hours, it can be completely up to you what will be on the website. A canvas for the best new creators to be discovered every week.

Creative without limitation.

Show anything. Canvas168 can show your new project, your blog, your YouTube channel, the landing page of your startup, your Kickstarter project, your photography... You get it. It's all yours. Without limitations.

But who decides what is good work and what isn't?

Only the best of course! If you get selected for this weeks canvas, you will also be able to join our community. You will get to know the best creators and become part of the growing CanvasCreatorComittee to decide and vote about the best new entries. Moreover, we partner up regularly with some prominent special guests to join the CanvasCreatorComitee and give their unique input.

And now?

Go ahead. It's free!

It's an empty URL and you can have it.

For 168 hours.

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